A True Story of a Salesman at a Sex Shop

This is the story of a salesman at a sex shop.
He loves to say that he sells sex to the people but when he says that, people think that he is a prostitute. Then when he explains to them that he just works at a sex shop, people think of just two things; lingerie or sex toys.
Another thing that people think and it is not true is that they sell items for just women. The surprise is a lot of customers are men seeking for sexual satisfaction by different means.

He loves to hear it when people say that he is so lucky to work at such a place. Well, he says that he truly loves his job because it makes it easier for him to know what women and men want. A lot of people become shocked when they see him at the shop but he is used to it now and just gives them a smile and continue his job.

His customers love him especially when they know that he is bisexual. It means that he knows most of the needs of both sexes. That is why he is the best salesman for a lot of customers of both sexes as women are not shy talk to him and men feel comfortable when they are understood by another man.
Of course not all customers love him. Some customers say phrases like it is not sexy working here; go find a job for men.

He got the same training as his female colleagues and especially how to deal with men especially gays. Gays need special treatment in sex stores because sometimes they are too shy and need someone to understand them quickly. That is what he does. He is not judgmental and actually bisexual so he has sex with men too so he understands everything in this particular area.

He tells a story about a 75 years old woman who wanted him specifically to serve her. She wanted him to show her around and tell her the best options regarding her age. He treated her not according her age and told her that age is just a number and as long as she is her, this means she is still young and looking for sexual satisfaction. Her voice was full of desire and his voice was full of convince and she agreed on what he said.

The most difficult part of the job is when someone wants to buy someone a gift. You just need to imagine what the other person who is not here likes and it becomes awkward sometimes.
On Valentine’s Day, a deaf girl wanted to give her boyfriend a special gift. There was a great difficulty in communication so imagine how it was to understand the desires of her boyfriend in order to choose the proper gift for him. Valentine’s Day is already a very busy day at work; it is like a season.
He didn’t leave her until he fully understood what she wanted and she thanked him a lot for the gift.

How to Open a Sex Shop?

It is a growing business in a lot of countries especially with the recent claims of the sexual rights in the whole world. It is fun but also it is a business that needs you to be aware of what you are doing. Business means money so you need to make sure that everything is OK to make money and not to lose your money and your business. You are going to deal with a sensitive part in most people’s lives; this part is sex and sex needs satisfactions. Your role is to bring satisfaction to your customers and here are few steps that you should follow to make your business run smoothly.

1. A clear business plan:

It is a business as we agreed and any business needs a clear plan. The plan consists of what you expect from the business, the name of the shop, the money you will use to start the business and any other aspect that you have researched about before deciding to start this business.
If you don’t have enough money to start the shop, perhaps you need to go to a bank and get a loan. The bank will ask for some guarantees but eventually if you have a clear business plan, you will get the money.

2. Do your research and discover your competitors:

Of course the research will help you in putting the plan but it is not the only advantage of good research. You will find out valuable information like what most customers want, how to deal with new customers or shy ones and many other aspects regarding the business itself.
The research also will allow you to find out more information about your competitors. You will know the sex shops in the area and if the competition is possible or not. If the location of the business is not good enough, just keep looking for a spot where you will dominate the market.


3. Licenses:

This kind of business is not allowed in many countries so you need to find out whether your country will allow you to open such a business. You can find out by sending a letter to the governmental institution responsible for giving licenses to small businesses in your country and ask them if it is possible or not.
If it is possible, your shop should meet the health standards that your country decides. There are a lot of licenses that you will need so make sure to have all of them in order not to give anyone who is against opening such places the chance to close your shop.

4. Suppliers and the criteria of the shop:

You need to make a deal with suppliers to provide you with sex toys and other products. If there are no suppliers in your country, perhaps you should make a deal with foreigner suppliers.
Your shop need to be divided into areas that contain different kinds of products. Don’t just put the products in the shop. The shop should have a certain arrangement. You should also have viewing booths and dressing rooms.

Things You Need to Know about Sex Shops

Most people consider shopping in sex shops is an irregular activity. Well, it is kind of but it is not that complicated too. We all love sex and we seek all the time to make it better as it makes our lives better so it is nothing to be ashamed of to shop at a sex shop. Here are few things that you should know regarding sex shops.

1. Bringing a friend has pros and cons:

Shopping with friends is awesome but this is a sex shop so you are not going to buy a dress but sex toys. Shopping with a friend will make the whole situation less awkward and she/he will help you pick what you need.
Also sex life is a raw material of sarcasm so you will laugh a lot during shopping and generally will be a good day except for one disadvantage.
Some people do not like others to know about their sex life and consider it too private to share with others. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t bring anyone and relax. It is a shop like any shop; you will choose what you want and pay for it.

2. It is just another kind of shopping:

Don’t feel nervous when you are at the sex shop especially if you are alone. The salesman considers you a customer and the sex toys as products so don’t feel nervous. It is a simple buying process.
If you have any kind of questions about the product, ask the salesman and you will find out that he/she will help you a lot. These toys are used for having better sex so the salesman knows exactly what you want.
Check the product out well before buying it. It is free to touch.

3. If you are too shy or a new customer:

Salesmen at the sex shops know the new customers once they enter the shop. They are shy, awkward and have no idea what they are looking for. The salesmen will come near you and just talk to you normally. They are experts in this situation so they will not just talk to you directly about the sex toy; it is like foreplay before going to the main topic which is what you want.
If you don’t know what you want, they will take you in a tour around the shop and have a conversation with you about what you like and what you dislike. When you reach the area where you are so interested in the toys there, they will know and you will realize that you found what you want.
Expert salesmen never make eye contact with a new customer or a shy one not to make them afraid of the place or make them feel exposed.

Don’t just pick something up and go home. We are different and we don’t reach orgasm or get the satisfaction with the same ways. They are products that need to be checked well as any products so just relax to get the best product.